Photorealistic Digital 3D Model Creation

Practical photorealistic 3D capture and display has been an elusive goal since the first stereoscopic viewer was built in 1838. Because of the rapid evolution of digital camera technology over the last ten years, automatic 3D capture and display has finally becoming a practical reality. The current prototype combines our patented omnidirectional stereoscopic camera system with mature machine vision algorithms, standard 3D modeling tools, and current computer video display hardware. We are improving the quality of our 3D output by enhancing camera optics and speeding up image capture. We are also writing custom software to enhance the compatibility of our 3D output with mainstream 3D software like 3D Studio Max, Google Earth, and Google SketchUp. Contact us if you would like early access to this emerging technology.

Omnidirectional Scene Acquisition IEEE Research Paper

Digital 3d/360 Degree Camera System Patent

Steuart Systems History

2024: Reach #1 out of almost 500 in Tanks and Temples 2D to 3D benchmark

2022: Reach #1 out of almost 200 in ETH Photogrammetry 3D benchmark 2 years later that submission is #5

2020: Build & test 32-camera prototype

2015: Discover passive 3D scanning. Start using a DJI drone & Agisoft Metashape to make 3D models.

2011: Start migration to Linux, OpenCL, and AMD APUs (APUs have CPU & GPU on the same chip and can efficiently share memory)

2008: Programming team starts using CUDA 1.0 to speed up image processing ~10x

2006: Design/build 8-camera scanner with pattern projection and publish paper with UVA in 4th Intl Conference on 3D Digital Imaging and Modeling

2006: Begin developing skills in HDR photography

2005 to 2018: Build several original camera-arra prototypes with cameras, lights, servos, and lasers

2003: Filed 3D-360 patent to fix problems in panoramic photography (2D-360s)

1996: Start making panoramas (2D-360s) with Apple’s QuickTimeVR 1.0

1987 to 2002: Designed & managed parts of a RELIABLE computer & networking systems for up to 1,000 person company.

1984: Built first computer system (pressure monitoring system with sensors, servos, and pump) with Motorola 6800 family 8-bit CPU and code in assembly.

3d | Camera Calibration | image processing | Prototype5

Scanning Results Keep Getting Better

We have  steadily improved our scanning results over the last 6 weeks by modifying hardware, writing new software, and tuning over a dozen variables.  The video below demonstrates the effect of our enhanced noise reduction: Low noise in 3D models is important for two reasons: Low noise 3D looks better.   Low noise 3D models…

3d | Camera Calibration | image processing

9 Months of Software Enhancements Have Cut Errors in Half Again

This year’s enhancements to the image processing routines in our stereo scanning software has improved processing speed and 3D model accuracy. Comparisons between our current results and those from 9 months ago show that we have reduced the magnitude of one type of geometric error in our 3D scans by a factor of 2 to…