Development Timeline

September 21st, 2021


Steuart Systems is final stages of R&D the patented omnidirectional stereoscopic camera system: the 3D-360. This camera-based scanning system, can create photorealistic 3D models using point clouds or textured meshes. These models can used by most 3D applications, such as 3D Studio Max and Google Sketchup. Their 3D-360 architecture is “Cheaper, Faster, Good Enough” alternative to laser scanning systems. We are currently refining prototypes to achieve the right balance of scanning speed, reliability, and manufacturability. Once a robust system has been built and proven within field tests, plan to license the technology to company is able to commercialize the system and defend the intellectual property globally.

Steuart Systems History

2015 Mar: Proto 5A scanner begins producing scans. This system will testbed for 5x family.

2014 Design Proto-5 family does evine sell replica watches that look real

2013 Feb: Begin enhancing Proto-4F: new calibration, GPU processing, & sub-pixel processing.

2013 Jan: Pivot on Proto-4G with FPGA & return to previous system. flawless deep sea

2012 Apr: Prototye-4G: Developing FPGA replacement for Blackfin Processor. Expect 10x speedup

2011 Jan: Added a scissor jack to Prototype-4F. Now we can easily scan from different heights.

2010 Jul: Prototype-4F Final system tweaks: added battery power, 4x brighter pattern projection & 4x brighter illumination

2010 Jan: Prototype-4E BINGO! The new pattern projection system enables the best 3D reconstruction in over 18 months.

2009 Dec: Prototype-4D combines the best of 4B & 4C. how to buy and sell bad fake ladies rolex

2009 Oct: Prototype-4C adds multispectral monochrome image capture to system.

2009 July: Prototype-4B has ten cameras and upgrades system frame to more manufacturable precision machined aluminum frame.

2008 Dec: 3D-360 patent awarded in US. Patents for other countries are still pending.

2008 Apr: Prototype-4A: New prototype family based on carbon fiber frame, LED pattern projector, and two custom cameras.

2007 Jun : Prototype-3.3 upgraded pattern projection used for IEEE Paper. it replicas relogios really gold

2006 Dec: Prototype-3.0 consists of eight Canon 5Ds with Xenon pattern projector on a rigid aluminum frame.

2006 Aug: Prototype-2 consists of eight Canon 5Ds mounted on rigid aluminum frame.

2005 Dec: Prototype-1 consists of two Canon 5Ds mounted on rigid aluminum frame.

2004 Sept: Presented 3D-360 concept at National Defense Industry Association (NDIA) even on Emerging Technology in Virginia

2003 Jun: Filed patent for Omnidirectional Stereoscopic Camera System: the 3D-360 ok replica breitling tourbillon bezel tight

2002 Form Steuart Systems LLC and begin collaborating on photorealistic 3D scanning & model creation

Before Steuart Systems

1999 Started using Apple’s QTVR to make panoramas for early computer Virtual Reality (VR). I call 360 degree panorama 2D-360.

1987 to 2002: Skip Steuart was systems architect responsible for integrating computer and communications systems for geographically disperse 500+ person company. swiss eta movement https

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